Monday, June 20, 2011

Journal Sketch with Graphitint

Thermometer Tree -Graphitint #15

Another look at the "thermometer" tree by the cabin deck. This one was done with a Derwent Graphitint pencil #15, Cool Brown. I started with a sharp point and occasionally let the tip get worn down which worked well for shading on the very textured and soft Gutenberg paper. Although the Derwent Graphitints dissolve when wet (and this technique works well on the Gutenberg paper) I kept this sketch dry. Again, the sketch is in a lovely Roz Stendahl journal.


journalrat said...

Diane, I like the warmth of the colored pencil in this image. Do you ever sketch with Derwent Drawing? They have some wonderful earthtone colors that I think you would really enjoy for your bark studies—and they are lightfast. Roz

havepencilwilltravel said...

Yes, I really like Derwent Drawing pencils especially since they smudge nicely. I just replenished my supply this week with some extra Ivory Black, Venetian Red and Terracotta. These work nicely with the Ultramarine Derwent Aquatone. They all have a nice drag on the paper. Unlike the Derwent Drawing pencils, the Aquatone can be disolved with water, but I ususally just use it dry along with the Derwent Drawing pencils. What I don't know is how lightfast the Aquatone is. Time to test it. Do you know? (It is basically just a leadless Derwent water soluable colored pencil.) I use it in my journals along with the Derwent Drawing because it has the same hefty-feeling lead.