Saturday, May 9, 2009


Here is a drawing I did in 2004 of a daffodil. It was back when lots of botanical drawings filled my sketchbooks.

No matter what the weather is like at this time of the year, seeing the blast of yellow made by a garden full of daffodils at least makes it seem like the sun is shinning. And today, especially after the wind came out and the clouds rolled in, the daffodils by my front door were a sunny sight.

Today dawned sunny but brisk (47 degrees Farenheit) for the annual Governor's Fishing Opener. It was a history-setting day in Minnesota because, instead of being at a northern lake, The Opener was right here, for the first time ever, in the metropolitan area of the Twin Cities. And, wonder of wonders, of all the lakes in the metro area, it was right here in my home town of White Bear Lake. What's the big deal? Fishing is big stuff in Minnesota and the walleye (our state fish!) brings in welcome tourist dollars to our fair state. Besides, it gives the Governor a chance to flee the Capitol during the end-of-the-legislative-session defugilties about the state budget.

I'm not a fisherman and will probably never be one. Instead I go along with my fly-fishing husband and paint and draw while he casts his line. The bonus for me is to go to all the gorgeous places where the fish hang out. We don't eat the trout he catches--those are carefully set back in the water. A true catch-and-release-trout man, he even kisses the first one of the season before he puts it back. True confessions here: He also fishes for my favorite fish, walleye. Those he brings home. Those we eat. (Another bonus.)

I digress from "Yellow." But the Fishing Opener reminded me that I was glad I was not on the lake today--too cold. Instead I enjoyed the daffodils.


journalrat said...

Diane, love the yellow flower. Everything is so green already, the Cottonwoods on River Road are already popping!

I had to laugh though, because while Opener means fish to most Minnesotans (or hunting of some sort), I talk about Opener to mean the first day of the State Fair. And your post got me thinking about that again, only 3 months away!

havepencilwilltravel said...

No one could be more surprised than me to be writing about the fishing opener. But this year, with all the hoop-la in White Bear Lake about it, it was impossible to ignore if you lived any where near the lake. Your comment reminds me of the variety of things we Minnesotans celebrate--from eel pouts in Walker, Minnesota, to pumpkins in Anoka with the State Fair the best of all.