Saturday, April 25, 2009

From My Sketchbook: Testing Some New Colors

Last week I talked about two new watercolors I tried: Daniel Smith's Transparent Red Oxide and Schmincke's Translucent Orange. (Note the Red Oxide is in tube form, the Translucent Orange is in pan form.) I did several experiments in the field and show some of them here. These pigments used with Cobalt Blue or Indanthrene Blue (PB 60) make some beautiful grays that are really good at capturing the array of grays the deciduous trees and bushes present at this time of the year.
Those of you who know my pastel paintings might wonder why I am trying to portray local color since my paintings are often anything but! Must be from looking at leafless trees so much of the year in Minnesota and wondering how to depict them poetically. This month, while waiting for the leaves to come out, I am simply acknowledging they are simply many, many shades of gray.

These images are from a small 4.5" x 5.5" journal made with Folio paper by Roz Stendahl. It is perfect size for carrying around on walks. I can paint in it and then hold it open while it dries and I am off to the next scene.


journalrat said...

Diane, I love seeing these landscapes. I know that already in just a short space of time there is more green out there. Your paintings remind me that this is one of my favorite times of year. You have got me convinced to give cobalt blue a try.

havepencilwilltravel said...

I really do like the cobalt blue. Now that there is more green out there looks like I will need to be utilizing the yellows, too. I did try a bit of Daniel Smith's Serpentine Green while at Wet Paint last week. It was highly recommended by one of the staff as her new "favorite color." On first look it seemed a trifle garrish--not like any green seen in nature--but I am reconsidering now that I see the sample in daylight. It might be good (with a touch of Translucent Orange or Red Oxide!) for those first green leaves that we can now see on the branches.